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Questions & Answers

Am I eligible for the Pair Program?

You are eligible for the Pair program if one of theses statements applies to you :

  • You are an older person living alone with or without a health problem.
  • An older couple or one of the spouses has a health problem.
  • A family member who worries about the well-being of their parents, but does not have time to call them every day.

How do I subscribe to the Pair Program?

Those who are interested in joining the Pair program can contact the local agency responsible for providing the service directly. See the “Find an Organization” section to find out if there is an organization near you.

If the Pair Program is not available in your area, write to or call 1-877-997-7247 and you will be placed on a waiting list until it is available in your area.

How does the Pair Program work?

Each day, at a specific time chosen with the aide of our associates, subscribers will be called.

They are asked to confirm their well-being by simply pressing a certain number. If a call iis unanswered, the system will place a second and third call.

After 3 unanswered attempts to contact a subscriber, an alert is sent out and an operator will get in touch with the subscriber’s pre-determined emergency contact.

In order to avoid false alerts, subscribers must inform the system if they know in advance that they will be unable to answer a call.